Greetings, this section is updated in late 2005. Development has stopped on DMC for now. I wouldn't suggest using what's here. I've switched to using Jabber almost exclusively which means this project is less important to me than it once was. I'm willing to give up the sourceforge space (someone asked at one point but we had hoped to continue development at that point, sorry for the inconvenience). We may continue with version two at some point, but not in the foreseeable future.

Seriously, there's nothing to see here. It's ugly, broken, and poorly designed. Check my projects log and listen for when the redone version goes live. Much cleaner, much better designed. Currently in alpha (with only IRC support running and limitted front-end nicenessniceness).


Work on DMC is on! DMC provides client<->client encryption over the various protcols provided by WTalk and multiple concurrent connections.

DMC version 0 is now in design stages. It will be a WTalk based server without the added bloat of a GUI. We will also work on a standardized version of the client protocol. Personally, I like a non-xml protocol, but there has been some vocal interest in an XML version. XML might be simpler in the long run, so we'll look into that.

We currently have a sub project, WTalk, which is a Java package that supports multiple chat protocols.

Current WTalk modules include support for:

*TOC support is currently being tested, and is implemented with the aid of JAIM. Encryption is supported.

+Jabber support is in development, and we're currently using the Smack library

The server portion of DMC is now in testing! Although it is finally implemented, the protocol may not be finalized yet. This means we're approaching the first official release of DMC!

There's a list of things to fix before 0.00 release. See the TODO

There's a changelog of recent releases. See the CHANGELOG

Download files.

DMC snapshots.

WTalk snapshots.

Coming less soon: DMC documentation (see the files link).

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