Greetings all!

I've begun integrating encryption into the system. This goes beyond simply creating an SSL connection between client/server as I hope to engage in secure communications from client-client, but without a direct connection (eg. messages bouncing through the server). It is a similar problem to e-mail...

As of November 8th, DMC supports the USA protocol through WTalk--a multi-protocol Java package developed for DMC. It pressently supports, among other things, a tabbed display for conversations. Continued work is being done on Jim to support encryption, which will be ported to the DMC libraries when applicable. The code for DMC is much larger than Jim, but it's cleaner.

The project is proceeding nicely at this point. If anybody wants information on the protocol [still very working draft in some parts, pretty final in others], send me an email. Otherwise just wait for me to post them!

I've posted a snapshot of the client, just to show that I'm actually getting something done here...even if it doesn't look like much right now. The client, "Jim" is written using Sun's JDK 1.4.

The server is being developed on FreeBSD but should work on most posix systems. It is written in C and supports IPv6.

All code is licensed under the GPL version 2.


Java Jim [client snapshots] TODO
usad [server snapshots] TODO

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