Presentation is a standards-based HTML/ECMAScript/CSS presentation system. It supports some limited backwards compatability with S5, xoxo, and Opera Show Format--but if anyone's concerned with improving this I'll accept patches.

See the presentation demo to get a better feeling.

You can download or link to the necessary files which are currently at v0.6

The current development version is currently at v0.7, which is unstable, and to which I do not suggest hot-linking.




Slides and element transitions are all handled by cross-browser CSS transitions. Elements can be set to display incrementally by adding the class "incremental" and an optional transition (such as sliding in from the "left" or fading in). Available transitions include:

In addition, v0.5 has an option to "slide" an element across the screen. For instance, to slide an element to the right of the screen, you would have classes: "incremental slide right". Please take a look at the example slides to see other options.


On load, Presentation adjusts the text size based on the screen width. This is intended to scale the presentation up or down to the available output display. Images should be sized in 'em's in order to maintain their relative size to the text.


From v0.4, a python script, has been included which allows you to build a compiled presentation file. This file takes a list of XHTML presentations, combining them into a single file with alternate decks, as well as including all remote references (such as images) which protects against broken links during the presentation.

Usage: main_presentation.xhtml alternate_deck1.xhtml alternate_dec2.xhtml > compiled_presentation.xhtml

Alternate Decks

You can use alternate decks however you want; you can use them to provide answers to anticipated quetsions, or to keep related presentations together. They are accessed by hitting the "alt" key and selecting the presentation you want from menu. Functionally, they are added in separate, labeled, dictionary lists in the XHTML file.