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Murder is designed to bring the standard finger(1) information to a more modern system. It's designed to provide a similar set of information via standard Web and microformat technologies. The name comes from the collective noun for crows.


Murder should be easy to prepare and execute. It is pure PHP, developed for Apache httpd (development is PHP5, httpd2, mod_php). On a standard Unix-like system, a basic installation needs no extra configuration as information will be read from /etc/passwd (just as finger(1) does). Murder does not need write access other than for temporary data. On a MicroSoft Windows platform, some additional configuration is probably necessary, but murder is designed so that it could work on such a platform if the user were to give-in to such proclivities.

Plug-in Architecture

Murder is extensible through a plug-in architecture. Plug-ins can register to respond to a combination of URIs and content-types. A basic replacement for Apache's mod_userdir plug-in is included, but disabled by default.


Murder is released under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.


You can get the latest versions in the release directory.

The upcoming roadmap is at the top of the change log. The current (development) version of this file is visible on my murder.

About Murder | Configuration Information | Included Plugins | Live Demo