What is moJab?

moJab is a Jabber client originally written by Radek Burget. This page contains some updates since the original version hasn't been maintained since 2004. These will be moved back to the Source Forge page in short order.

2007-05: The SF CVS problems seem to have subsided, so the "latest stable", the code used to generate the jar linked here ("v0.3") is now there. I'll try and move in development code as the new features start working.

I'm ... not actively developing new features right now. If there are any bugs in the current version, send me a personal message, and I'll see about fixing them (do not use the sourceforge bug tracker as I don't have the ability to manage it at the moment). I am working on something else, which might be relevant, but won't be a direct replacement for mojab.

Where are the files?

Can you add support for ... ?

If you want to make a case for a new feature, suggest how the UI would fit in with the current program. In particular, MUC/conference would be nice to have, but would require a major revamp of the UI to be usable in my opinion.

If you notice the program isn't working on a specific device, let me know as much as you can about the device. It's hard developing for everything, but if there's a generational problem like what necessitated 0.3, I'll try and fix it.