Bah, heck of a mornin'


I finished applying to three more schools this weekend. MIT Saturday, Columbia Sunday and UC-Berkeley today (Sunday PST). Columbia had a third party "ship" my application fee home. Ok, it was odd/different--but cheaper than everywhere else so that made me happy. And yes, there is a typo on my MIT application which I caught after submitting it. Teh typo was caused by editing after pasting .... (yes, that was the typo).

"I'll call all the time!"

Well, she said that when she went to Texas.

This time she said she'd call each day. I asked her to call befor she went to sleep, she said fine. This is the second day in a row she said she'd call back and I'm sitting here at 0330 without hearing from her. It used to be I'd be worried something happened to her but ... well, I still am. Oh well.


It's snowing. Bah. More digging. Hopefully I'll get to go skiing though. Current plans are for Mt. Snow on Tuesday.

Javascript considered time wasting.

Camino doesn't have the nice somewhat-granular control of javascript as some of the other Gecko-based browsers (in nice menus at least). I was upset at pages moving/resizing my window so I turned javascript off.

I go to check my email and notice that the GPG-plugin is missing. Erm. Ok. Check the config file, nope still in there. Permissions/ownership ok too. So I spend some time hunting it down. Upgrade PHP. Doesn't work, upgrade Apache. Stuff breaks. Ok, fiddle with those two for a while, go back to applications which need to be done soon. Finish those, decide to upgrade Apache to 2.x series. Ok. Then the configuring comes. Some changes, OK. All set now. Now I go to check mail, certain pages .... and Camino shows garbled junk (as does Mozilla on Locke). Telnet and Links show real text ... anywho, a *while* later and on a hunch I comment out the call to fortune in my footer (for HTML pages only), and now it works again. Great. This was also the problem in Squirrelmail as I was using the fortune plug-in. (I fixed it for XHTML before in order to fix compliance issues ...).

For what it's worth, Apache2 doesn't seem as snappy as 1, but there are also different settings right now, and just my impression after this ordeal.