Black Friday, and the Sleeping thereon

I didn't go shopping today! It feels good. I actually slept to a normal hour (one hour ago). I vented rage yesterday with a bunch of other people on lily about BestBuy BS. (see separate story). The West Wing marathon yesterday, which we watched at my grandparents, was most entertaining as well.

I (will) have a digital camera!

I like getting things done quickly (well, most things). I can't remember what renewed my interest in acquiring a digital camera, but I spent two days researching, got some opinions, went to a store, and have decided on the Pentax Optio 555, primarily because of its 5x optical zoom and that I wanted a compact camera. It is slightly larger than ideal (eg. Casio EX/Z series) but those cameras aren't really options--the Cannon SD10/0 was the original choice, and was also ideal size--but I couldn't pass up the features of the 555 (and it's only slightly thicker).

GPG (GPG/Squirrelmail)

First off, GPG turns out to have a bug using ElGamal (I'm not sure of the specifics, probably key generation?). This 12 hours after I made a 4KB ElGamal key.

I was all excited when I found the Squirrelmail GPG plug-in. Unfouruntately, it appears to be very immature and ... broken. Even if it were to work, it doesn't appear to adhere to RFC 3156; instead it uses a deprecated method of using pgp with email. This means that I may need to find some free time to modify the plug-in ... which won't happen this calendar year.

Updated 2003-12-03

I don't usually add updates to a previous article but here we go...

Well, I happened upon #squirrelmail on OPN, and talked to braverock, the developer of the GPG plug-in for Squirrelmail. He gave me a link to version 2 snapshots that look *much* nicer than the version I found on the Squirrelmail site proper. Still has some quirks, but eventually it should be the solution I want--just not yet.

Also, my camera arrived Monday night. My dad gets to play with it until I go and pick it up around christmas.

Off topic, but for those who have been to my web site a bit, you may have noticed that every now and then a fortune popped up with invalid characters, causing validation to fail. Well, to fix this, I used my own fortune file. I'm just now realizing that that might have been a mistake. The content of some of the fortunes definitely belongs in /obscene/