I now own a 15" AlBook, a T3, and a 10GB iPod. I still have my T610, and unlimited GPRS now :) [read more]

I am now in desperate need of money :(

Things that [bother] me:

First off, Best Buy stopped selling T-Mobile (voicestream) telephones. That's all well and good, but that means that they have also stopped honoring service contracts on them. The other three members of my family purchased phones at best buy, all three have since died. One of them was replaced, apparently weeks before they stopped being serviced. Hardly a "one-stop shop" and ease of service. This, of course, is also the same chain where one of the employees recently called me a "fucking bastard," and they baselessly accused my sister of shoplifting.

I purchased a D-Link 802.11b PCI card, DWL-520. The first two revisions of this card featured a prism2 chipset (which I need for one of my projects). Seeing that the box was had a label on it saying "DWL-520 <B>" I assumed that the box had a revision-B card in it (I could not find any other markings anywere to indicate revision). D-Link support was less than helpful in helping me learn how to determine a cards revision from the box. Their website led me to believe that, from the picture, I had a B revision which look very different from the A and C revisions -- although there was also a 'D' revision which was not specifically mentioned on the website, although their apparently is a picture and link to its information below the other three revisions ... This apparently is the card I received. What upsets me most though is that it is so very difficult finding 802.11b cards now with a Prism2 chipset.