For those of you who have read my blurb on how to contact me know that I have been trying to avoid AIM. Even when I use AIM, I've avoided those little "subprofiles" and the miscellaneous quizzes that show up; if I ever click a link, I have been careful to remove my nick from it--it's just something I do; especially considering the number I use for various purposes I don't like them all over the place.

Despite my attempts to avoid doing so, I was ... politely asked ... to answer a quiz by someone who I wouldn't refuse such a simple answer. This, of course, meant trying to copy a link from naim to links, and as such, I got to play with some values. Apparently all that is necessary to access some sort of "administrator" page for one such service is that the paramaters for the variables "v" and "s" are equal--it doesn't matter what values they contain as long as they contain the same value which is recognized as a possible AIM screen name.

I find it rather repulsive that anybody would be permitted to modify options for any quiz without even needing to know who it was that created it...