Mail will probably not reach me unless you adhere to these rules:

  1. Do NOT send email through an open-relay, or through an otherwise poorly maintained server. I do use RFC Clueless (other than for whois).
  2. Do NOT send email in violation of SPF rules.
  3. Do NOT send email likely to be flagged as spam by SpamAssassin. I realize this is the least deterministic filter I have, but it rarely gets a false positive (or false negative ...). If you don't happen to hear from me, and you followed all the other rules, send me a polite email asking me to check my SA drop.
    If your mail is rejected and has a "spam-report" included:
    Do NOT quote your original message if you send me a notice to check the SA drop, as that may trigger SA again.
    DO send me an e-mail with the contents of the "spam-report" if you are unable to understand how to correct the issue.
  4. DO pgp sign and/or pgp encrypt your message. By doing so, you can bypass some filters.
    If you don't do this, only use text/plain.
    • Do NOT send me email with a content-type of text/html. I can't read this in my client, and it WILL be filtered out. Use format=flowed because it's cool.
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    • Do NOT send me email with a content-type of multipart/alternative. There is no reason for this. Anything you can say, you can say with text/plain. Considering the only thing I'll see anyway is the text/plain portion, if you can't say it with text/plain, you wouldn't have said it.
    • Do NOT send me attachments from an e-mail address that isn't whitelisted. If we've exchanged more than a few emails, then you're probably alright. Otherwise, sign/encrypt your entire message with PGP before sending it.

Other things to keep in mind:

My secondary eMail address is my first initial @ my last name under the top level domain reserved for non-profit organizations. If you want to get my attention sooner, hit my primary address. If you happen to use a mail service which either does not follow accepted best practices or has issues implementing recent RFCs, you can try my tertiary address.